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At Sentinel we supply you with quality long term food storage items that taste great, last up to 15 years and will be an asset to your food store.

Self Sustain by Planting Your Survival Garden.

The Preparedness Seeds Herbs Bucket provides a Missing link in your food storage plan. Each Mini-Ropak Bucket 10 popular culinary herb varieties that will produce enough herbs to spice up your food storage meals in hard times!

What About Your Pets?

Yes, those little fur babies (or big) that keep us safe and give us unconditional love. You need to prepare for them, too! Check out these options!


According to Columbia University’s National Center for Disaster Preparedness, “Nearly two thirds (65 percent) of American households do not have adequate plans and supplies for a disaster. This is virtually unchanged from 2011 (66 percent) and represents only a modest improvement from since 2003 (77 percent).”

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Natural Disaster Seasonal Starting Now

Hurricane season is upon us. Purchase your Hurricane Survival Kit today! Don’t get caught unprepared.

Be Prepared for the Next Disaster

Earthquake and fires can happen at any time. Purchase your Disaster Kit today!

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The options that Sentinel offers is amazing. After viewing several survival preparedness sites, I found this to be the most inclusive and comprehensive. Thank you, Sentinel for great products and customer service. Brad G.

With earthquakes are popping up everywhere, I decided to purchase an earthquake survival kit. Sentinel was able to provide me with a great kit that I keep with me at all times. I feel much safer knowing I have the supplies I need. Alaine H.

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