Our mission to provide the best quality crisis supplies and equipment all started when Hurricane Ike came ashore in Texas on September 13. 2008. No one could’ve foreseen the destruction that would follow. In just a few hours, everything changed along the Texas Coast. Being in North Houston, the damage wasn’t as catastrophic as it was along the coast, but there was still damage. We lost power for an entire week. In other areas, it was worse, 21 days or longer.

Raised on the Gulf Coast, we were aware of the destruction a hurricane could cause, so we went into preparation mode. At the time, we didn’t have stored supplies, so we immediately went to the grocery store and stocked up on non-perishables and water. At home, we had several 5-gallon water jugs that we filled up with tap water along with both bathtubs and all sinks. We cooked the food in the freezer and froze it in meal size packages. We were fortunate enough to have a generator and had stocked up on gasoline.

Unfortunately, our neighbors were not ready for a storm of this magnitude. We shared our good fortune and invited our neighbors to plug their refrigerators/freezers into our generator so they could save their food and sustain until the power came back on.

This entire experience taught us a valuable lesson. You must always prepare for the unexpected. People stood in long lines for hours trying to get food and water at the FEMA staging areas. We realized then that we never wanted to be reliant on the government when a disaster hits. Resources only go so far in a city with over six million people.

What would you do if you had no food, no drinkable water, or no heat? Everyone should think about this question, for your family’s sake. This inspired us to form Sentinel Prepper.

Our goal since inception has been to be the best at providing high-quality supplies and equipment for any disaster, natural or manmade, regardless of your budget or needs.

It’s true that many view preppers as radical conspiracy theorists. However, it is also true that any forward-looking person that prepares for a catastrophe is a prepper. Based on our knowledge and wealth of experience, we advise that everyone should keep a minimum of 3 days’ worth of food and water at all times, and more if possible.

Everyone should be a prepper. We have developed our services on the foundation of educating people both young and old, on the vital importance of crisis survival. We value all human life. We understand that there is a lack of knowledge, but also a stigma surrounding the topic of crisis management and survival. We aim to distribute our knowledge as far and wide as possible to help you understand what learning about crisis survival today, can do to protect your tomorrow. We believe in taking consistent action, and that by working together we can create immovable change.

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Please consider your future and the future of your family. Nothing means more to us than ensuring you have the necessary tools to survive any coming disasters that will most certainly affect you and your family.